Homebound services are available to all students who are enrolled in Pittsylvania County Schools. The program is designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home setting for students whose medical needs, either physical or psychiatric, preclude school attendance. It may also be used to supplement the classroom program for health impaired children whose conditions may interfere with consistent attendance (e.g., students receiving dialysis, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments) or for children with disabilities that prevent regular school attendance.  

While homebound instruction is helpful to students whose illnesses and special needs preclude school attendance for a period of time, it has limitations. Students who are injured or whose illnesses make it difficult for them to complete assignments independently may fall behind in their work. Students may not be able to complete requirements for certain classes while receiving homebound instruction. We encourage parents to work closely with the school contact person, typically the student’s Homebound Coordinator, to make program choices that will ensure the success of their children who require homebound instruction.   To meet the needs of all students, Pittsylvania County Schools utilizes a mixed-delivery model for providing Homebound services including direct instructional services and online modules with consultation.
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